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Welcome to the Farriers Directory

What is a Farrier?

Farriers are professional persons trained to make and fit shoes to horses’ hooves.

A Farrier is essentially a blacksmith, that is employed to make, shape and fit horse shoes to horses’ hooves to protect the hooves. They need to be multi-skilled as they must be able to work with metals to make and shape the shoes, and they also need to be able to handle horses. A farrier combines some blacksmith’s skills (make, shaping and adjusting horse shoes) with some veterinarian’s skills (knows about the anatomy of horses’ legs) to care for horses’ feet.

They usually work where horses are, which is usually in a farm or semi-rural setting.

What does a Farrier do?

  • perform regular inspections on horses’ hooves and their shoes: removes, adjusts and replaces horse shoes
  • trims and checks horse and pony hooves for disease
  • need to be able to work with people as well as to understand the client’s needs
  • must understand and be able to work with horses, and combine this with technical know-how
  • be aware of medical conditions that affect horse’s hooves, create horse shoes to correct the horse’s gait, or correct medical conditions

What is the purpose of this site?

To serve as a source of information about farriers in South Africa – where to find one, and how to become one

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