Farrier Supplies in All of South Africa

Equipment, farrier tools and farrier supplies used by Farriers in performing their jobs. This includes a wide variety of traditional farrier tools including some high tech advancements in hoof care and horse care. The list of farrier supplies includes anvils, hammers, blacksmith forges, nail pullers, files and rasps, and many other such farrier tools

The Tack Shack

021 976 8044

17 New Street, Durbanville, DURBANVILLE, South Africa

Manufacturers of Capriole products – Suppliers of all equestrian goods Sales of the following: Farrier supplies, hoof care and horse care Saddles including Dressage Saddles and Jumping Saddles Saddle Accessories like saddle pads, stirrup leather and iron, girth, numnah, saddle covers Rider gear like Helmets / Hats, Chaps / Boots,… Read more…

Drakon Forge

079 309 3651

117 Stilgelee Ave, Die Wilgers, Pretoria, South Africa

Blacksmithing courses: Introduction to Blacksmithing Intermediate Blacksmithing Knife Forging Course Also for sale: Blacksmith and Bladesmith Forges Blacksmith and Bladesmith Anvils Blacksmith rounding hammers and flatters Read more…